International Cat Padding 2016

At Nexon we don't just do tech, we also love cats! And so we are delighted to promote International Cat Padding 2016.

Entrance to this competition is completely free and open to all. Competition closes end of 7th Feb 2016 so enter now. Click here for more details.

How to enter

Competition Info

The competition is open to all cats who can exhibit classic, well pronounced padding (also known as kneading). Entrants must submit a video of thier cat's padding. Click here to enter.


This year there are two categories, the adult cat category and the kitten category.


Winners of each category will receive a certificate. Winners and runner-ups will receive gold bars of Harrods luxury Belgian chocolate.

Competition Details

The competition is free to all. The competition is open NOW. The last day for entrants is Sunday 3rd January 2016. The competition is open to all cats and kittens.

Video filming should be of reasonable definition and lighting. Footage duration should be between approx 10 and 30 seconds.

Any information received from entrants is kept completely confidentially and no information whatsoever is passed on to any third party.