Nexon have been creating web sites for over 15 years for clients ranging from large enterprises to personal sites.


Nexon have expertise in developing software, administering and hosting web systems. We specialise in Unix and Linux systems.


Nexon provide hosting solutions and support. We have the administrative skills to manage your site hosting requirements.

Web Design

FOUNDED in 2000, Nexon aims to bring produce quality websites. A site that is aesthetically appealing, is functionally effective, and is an excellent online shop window for your business.

Nexon has experience with CMS and WordPress. We build WordPress themes and plugins and customise existing themes.

We aim to produce quality content that will respond correctly whatever device is used to browse site material. Whether the browser is on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a phone the online content is presentable and coherently laid out.

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High volume commercial web operations and administration of web servers and applications. Scripting tools to administer web operations and applications used for development work.

Increasing the visitor traffic to your site using analytics, search engine ranking and social media.

Developing software solutions - e.g. authorising payment from a web site, or for example calculating which from a set of locations is nearest to a collection point.

Database administration and programming - SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.

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An excellent value, premium web hosting solution delivering web content fast. The hardware is top of the range - quicker than the global budget solutions.

Committed to providing effective support, responding in minutes rather than days. We take customer satisfaction with our web services very seriously.

Client's details are kept confidential. Almost all hosting companies sell any information they have to anyone who may be interested in acquiring it. We don't.

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